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WWW -- Words for Wannabe Writers

  • Useful words for wannabe writers (WWW –Words for Wannabe Writers)
A serious writer/author must, of course have a vast vocabulary – it is a given. Apart from that there is what may be called ‘technical’ terms that are related to specific topics. I thought that the following kinds of words may come in handy for a wannabe writer in describing many scenes. Note: I have just collected the words from many books, but I confess that I am not familiar with most of them! I might have mis-spelt some words; I tender my apologies.
 However this list may serve as an easy mnemonic-cum-reference to authors, in many situations. (You are free to share this article as you like.)  Tip – Just look up the word you want in Google Images, if you want to know what it is, or how it looks. (Hats off to Google!)  Gimme some time, I’ll try to provide hyperlinks to interesting words.
1. Dress related
Plimsolls     riding leathers    Ulster overcoat    pullover knit slicker(for rain)    cut-off jeans and tank top    khaki shorts    sheepskin jacket    combat jacket    cashmere top coat    cashmere sweaters    cassock    surplice    Donegal tweed suit    wrapper    jumper    memory foam fabric    tight-waisted basque    house coat    cord trousers    rollneck sweater    pullover    cardigan    anorak    zipsided trousers    tweed jacket    donkey jacket    jersey    short pants    blouse    panty hose    T-shirt  denim shorts    cut-offs    bikini    beach coat    suit coat    designer frock    soutanes and cassock    trousers with fly buttons    turtleneck    bomber jacket    shorts & halter    ginghamish house coat    mink    neglegeé    skirt    wind cheater    sweat suit    herringbone worsted suit    bathing suit    chiffon dress    avocado green slacks    chino pants    sports shirt     nylon raincoat    sequin starred/pea coloured slack suit    GI dress    flight jacket         frilly frock coat(old fashioned)    Lederhosen    Gaberdine suit    skivvies    seersucker suit    trevos(cavalry in ’68)    canvas smocks    ducks and shorts    barathea uniform    capote(for soldiers)    reefer coat    Jacquard bath robe    gossamer gown    double-breasted suit    Kevlar vest(fireproof)    cork-slope pants(ladies)    balaclava    Hazmat suits    glen plaid suits    cordovan    gingham dress    poly knit tie    espadrilloe    shell suit    sabots    cassoulet    chinoos    cargo pants    Charmeuse blouse    Cami knickers    Chambray shorts(around 1940)    Luau shirt    Tutu    hula shirt    Ghillie suit(forest)    trench coat    moccasins    singlet    cutaway jeans    wrap skirt    sports coat    tennis skirt    night shirt    pea jacket    tuxedo    charcoal gray suit    striped suit    corduroy    dungarees    blazer    pair of flannels    camel hair coat    duffel coat    great coat    jacket    overcoat    raincoat    mackintosh    jump suit     skin fit pants     cropped pants     Patiala pants   pashmina 
wife-beater(! it is a sleeveless vest, T shirt!)       cargo pants       surtout      kirtle
2. For Feet
Knee boots    Nike shoes   alligator boots    suede shoes    sandals    desert boot    Wellingtons    galoshes    riding leathers    scuffed shoes    waders    gumboots    top boots    clogs    loafers    alligator loafers    sea boots    togs    ghillie shoes    flip flops    Naugahyde shoes    polyprop socks    waffle stomper boots    Rookport walking shoes    britches    bunny slippers     Manola Blahmik loafers       Ugg boots 
Jimmy Choo shoes
3. Head, face, eyes, scents
Cornskin hat    string of rhine stones in hair    tear-shaped glasses    Trilby hat  
Renton hair cut

Drinks related

Chianti     port     tea    coffee    milk     bitter beer     root beer     Pilsner      malt    pepper vodka      Asbach brandy    Chablis      cocktail      maple syrup      burgundy     candy     salad    tequilla (Mexican – Tequilla ain ejo commemorati vo, with sangrilla on the side)      Bordeaux    gleinden        muscatel      margarita      Jonge jenever (Holland, favourite)      vindaloo shake, chocolate shake (with milk)    champagne     White lady (England)      wine    ale     gin      rye whisky     vermouth      Glenffiditch       rum        scotch      claret        camomile tea      lemon tea       green tea    red wine     diaquiri      rot gut whisky    corn whisky    ginger ale     dark beer (Negro Modelo brand – Mexico)      punch   Kentish hops   Omhodor red wine     ouzo (Greece)      fruit punch     meursault (chilled)     cappuccino     highballs      scotch on the rocks     Ghorilka pert sem      Chiva’s  regal      Canterbury      mao tai(China)      Pommard       usque baugh (Irish)     sour mash    Pflumli     suntory scotch      osso beer (Italy)     Bloody Mary      chardonnay    seco Panama    Bruno di monti puliciano (Italy)       advocaat     chartreuse    cognac    Bombay gin     Dixie beer    cranberry juice     apple juice      grape juice     apertivos (Spanish)     chocolate mousse     Armagnac       vichyssoise     borscht     béarnaise      chateaubriand     coffe – (cappuccino, yergacheffee, ipiaceri  del caffe, marocchina,   Cappugiro,  ice biano espresso, cafe zinho (Br   
cafe calva (French)   mocha (US)      chocolate    Ravioli      Chef Boyardee Ravioli   Schram eighty eight         mujito (Cuba)       Frappuccino      Tarantas       kvas (Russian)

Food related

Gobstopper     cassata      conch chowder     Stilton cheese with shallots    beef consommé  scallops     Tipsy cake     black taffeta with tulle     boerwor (SA)     steamed corn      corn flakes     pap n’ sous    paella (Venice)      camu camu (Peru)     Cosquera beer (Peru)    schnitzels (cutlet with veal)    escargots (Fr)      moussaka (Greek)      lasagne (Italy)     seafood curry laska (Malaysia)       som tam (Thai)    pavlova (Australia/NewZealand)     sui mai (Chinese, famous)     dimsum (Chinese)     chimichanga (Mexico)    corn nachos (Mex)  guacamole (Mex)    chilli sprinkled calamari    fajitas      burritos     almond calissons (Fr)   gigot (Fr)       soupe au potiron (Fr)       egg Benedict      gnocchi    paella (Spanish)      salep   hock    mousseline sauce      sauce Bearnaíse     Krasnaya ikra (Russian)    chitlins        coleslaw      angel-hair pasta    moussaka (Russian)      canelloni (It)     calamari (It)      salsa   amaebi (Jap)     kaibashira (Jap)     sushi (Jap)     hamamachi with temaki (Jap)     crême brûlée    trttoras (It)     powdered brioche (It)    al burro (It)         farona con polenta (It)    panzarotti di funghi (It)      condiglie con cavalfiori (It)     mistoalla grigolia (It)       spiendino di carne (It)     sliced focaccia (It)     manoc (Brazil, tribal)      olio scallops         blanc mange      fillet mignon     Cajun food     strudels (Austria)      sachertorte (Austris)      schnitzel (Austria)     palatschinken (Austria)       Bacalao (Spain)      chorizo (Spain)       fritters          empanada (Spain)        helado (Spain)       tapos      tofu        aldente pasta (It)     lamb cutlet     pastiche       veal paillard (French)        pico de gallo (Mex)      galletas (Mex) sashimi (Jap)    collards      Pita bread    coosa b’leban       zucchini      rippchen (German)      tenette   al pasto       charlotte     risotto    samouca    squid sach      paté de fois(foie) gras  French fries      muffins    coleslaw(Dutch)      pasta     burgers    maulini     bakwurst (German)      sauerkraut (Ger)      chives    tarragon    muesli      Ferbeigy onions (Budapest)    horny grits     tuna     Zuppa di verdura      cabbage  pierogy  brown bethy    pina colada (Hawaii)       sarsaparilla (Mex)     enchilada (Mex)      pastrami (It)     dumpling     pizza    Graham crackers     granola    borscht paste     osso bucco  (It)    Pamini toaster (It)         horminy grito   bialys         purée of chestnut with whipped cream       brioches     croissants    macadamia nuts    pink wurst      Kiel basa poliska      metz   andouilles     gefulte schinterhordan     lounkinika      blinis     sterlet      kipper      roesti potatoes     Bourban laced pecan pie     black eyed peas    okra    molasses-glazed sweet potato     Soha noodles (Jap)    flaked bonito drenched in fishy soup sauce      zucchini       prime ribs      vichyssoise      boysanberry cream      savoiardo (It)     baby veal     horse carpacio      pepperoni calzone     mozzarella       beef steak       scones    piroshky (Russian)      kirsch     
ceviche (Carribean)        quinelle (Fr)    sole meuniere        pita bread       lentils     parsnips      chicken korma     Weiner Schnitzel (Vienna)      patchouli     apple pie     tender loin       lobsters     spice cake       knish      geflite fish     pickled herring     chicken supreme     nÖsti (Swiss)   foie de veau glacé      steak tartare     fillet steak   schlag      carrot cake    foie gras sandwiches    lentil soup     ribs     fasoulia beens (Turkey)      Cajun rice      Madiera cake        mao tai     muffin     lobster thremidor        French fries      broccoli       franks and beans       butter   cream        ham and eggs      fried potato       crackers        salamis    clams        oatmeal    zuppo anitea (It)       meat ball    pasta sauce     ketchup     Kielbasy       fudge        fudge sundae        toast      tortilla        French cruller        pastrami sandwich        Balaklava         samovar (Russian)      chicken enchilada     novette of lamb      lamb casserole         mountain trout       lamb cutlet         jerk chicken     hamburger      hot dog      smoked salmon        fish curry       corned beef         gherkins       black bread with onions        moussaka        straberry flam       shortcake pastry        rack of lamb         schnapps        crêpes      crisps (US)      chicken salad        eggnog     pancake      smoked chicken     avocado mousse        roast beef hash with eggs      bacon and eggs       Wonka bar          chorizo         mullet,   conger,    lemon sole       fig-newton       jelly babies  maki, tempura, sobas, udon, ramen     ragout      shiraz    votrushka (Russian)      nyani (Russian)


String of rhinestones in the hair        pony tail    bum   centre-parted      dreadlocks     afro       the quiff                 

4. Colors
VIBGYOR! (violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red)    White    grey    golden    cerise    magenta    turquoise blue    aquamarine blue    parrot green    silver    metallic grey    purple    rubric    brick red    dark red    pink    rose    charcoal grey    moss green    crimson    auburn    bob white    lead white    pearl grey    cream colour    brown    sepia    arsenic yellow    burnt sienna    cyan    chrome yellow    lemon yellow    ivory white
(Note: The list below has been culled from the Wikipedia. Please see -  You can actually see the different shades and colors. Very useful page.
Air Force blue    Alice blue    Alizarin    Almond    Amaranth    Amber    Amber (SAE/ECE)
American rose    Amethyst    Anti-flash white    Antique brass    Antique fuchsia    Antique white    Ao    Ao (English)    Apple green    Apricot    Aqua    Aquamarine    Army green
Arsenic    Arylide yellow    Ash grey    Asparagus    Atomic tangerine    Auburn    Aureolin
Baby blue    Baby blue eyes    Baby pink    Ball Blue    Banana Mania    Banana yellow
Battleship grey    Bazaar    Beau blue    Beaver    Beige    Bisque    Bistre    Bittersweet    Black    Blanched Almond    Bleu de France    Blizzard Blue    Blond    Blue    Blue (Munsell)    Blue (NCS)    Blue (pigment)    Blue (RYB)    Blue Bell    Blue Gray    Blue-green    Blue-violet    Blush    Bole    Bondi blue    Boston University Red    Brandeis blue    Brass    Bright cerulean    Bright green    Bright lavender    Bright maroon    Bright pink    Bright turquoise    Bright ube    Brilliant lavender    Brilliant rose    Brink pink    British racing green    Bronze    Brown (traditional)    Brown (web)    Bubble gum    Bubbles    Buff  Bulgarian rose    Burgundy    Burlywood    Burnt orange    Burnt umber    Byzantine    Byzantium
 Cadet    Cadet blue    Cadet grey    Cadmium Green    Cadmium Orange    Cadmium Red
Cadmium Yellow    Cal Poly Pomona green    Cambridge Blue    Camel    Camouflage green
Canary yellow    Candy apple red    Candy pink    Capri    Caput mortuum    Cardinal    Caribbean green    Carmine    Carmine pink    Carmine red    Carnation pink    Carnelian    Carolina blue    Carrot orange    Ceil    Celadon    Celestial blue    Cerise    Cerise pink    Cerulean    Cerulean blue    Chamoisee    Champagne    Charcoal    Chartreuse (traditional)
Chartreuse (web)    Cherry blossom pink    Chestnut    Chocolate (traditional)    Chocolate (web)    Cinereous    Cinnabar    Cinnamon    Citrine    Classic rose    Cobalt    Cocoa brown
Columbia blue    Cool black    Cool grey    Copper    Copper rose    Coquelicot    Coral    Coral pink    Coral red    Cordovan    Corn    Cornell Red    Cornflower blue    Cornsilk    Cosmic latte    Cotton candy    Cream    Crimson    Crimson glory    Cyan (process)   
Daffodil      Dandelion    Dark blue    Dark brown    Dark byzantium    Dark candy apple red  
 Dark cerulean    Dark champagne    Dark chestnut    Dark coral    Dark cyan    Dark electric blue    Dark goldenrod    Dark gray    Dark green    Dark jungle green    Dark khaki    Dark lava    Dark lavender    Dark magenta    Dark midnight blue    Dark olive green    Dark orange   
Dark orchid    Dark pastel blue    Dark pastel green    Dark pastel purple    Dark pastel red
Dark pink    Dark powder blue    Dark raspberry    Dark red    Dark salmon    Dark scarlet
Dark sea green    Dark sienna    Dark slate blue    Dark slate gray    Dark spring green    Dark tan    Dark tangerine    Dark taupe    Dark terra cotta    Dark turquoise    Dark violet    Dartmouth green    Davy's grey    Debian red    Deep carmine    Deep carmine pink    Deep carrot orange    Deep cerise    Deep champagne    Deep chestnut    Deep fuchsia    Deep jungle green    Deep lilac    Deep magenta    Deep peach    Deep pink    Deep saffron    Deep sky blue    Denim    Desert    Desert sand    Dim gray    Dodger blue    Dogwood rose    Dollar bill    Drab    Duke blue  
Earth yellow    Ecru    Eggplant      Eggshell     Egyptian blue     Electric blue     Electric crimson     Electric cyan     Electric green   Electric indigo     Electric lavender    Electric lime     Electric purple     Electric ultramarine     Electric violet     Electric yellow     Emerald     Eton blue

Fallow    Falu red    Fandango    Fashion fuchsia    Fawn    Feldgrau    Fern green    Ferrari Red    Field drab    FirebrickFire engine red     Flame    Flamingo pink    Flavescent    Flax     Floral white     Fluorescent orange    Fluorescent pinkFluorescent yellow    Folly    Forest    green (traditional)    Forest green (web)    French beige    French blueFrench lilac    French rose    Fuchsia     Fuchsia pink    Fulvous     Fuzzy Wuzzy

Gainsboro     Gamboge     Ghost white     Ginger     Glaucous     Gold (metallic)     Gold (web) (Golden)     Golden brown     Golden poppy     Golden yellow     Goldenrod      Granny Smith Apple     Gray     Gray (HTML/CSS gray)     Gray (X11 gray)Gray-asparagus     Green
(color wheel) (X11 green)     Green (HTML/CSS green)      Green (Munsell)     Green (NCS)Green (pigment)     Green (RYB)      Green-yellow      Grullo      Guppie green

Halaya blue      Han blue        Han purple      Hansa yellow      Harlequin     Harvard crimson      Harvest Gold     Heart GoldHeliotrope      Hollywood cerise     Honeydew     Hooker's green     Hot magenta     Hot pink     Hunter green

Iceberg     Icterine     Inchworm      India green      Indian red     Indian yellow      Indigo (dye)     Indigo (web)      International KleinBlue     International orange     Iris      Isabelline      Islamic green      Ivory

Jade     Jasper     Jasmine     Jazzberry jam     Jonquil     June bud     Jungle green

Kelly green     Khaki (HTML/CSS) (Khaki)      Khaki (X11) (Light khaki)   
La Salle Green   Languid lavender     Lapis lazuli     Laser Lemon      Lava      Lavender (floral)      Lavender (web)     Lavender    blue    Lavender blush     Lavender gray     Lavender indigo     Lavender magenta      Lavender mist     Lavender pink      Lavender purple   Lavender rose     Lawn green     Lemon     Lemon chiffon     Light apricot    Light blue     Light brown     Light carmine pink     Light coral      Light cornflower blue     Light Crimson      Light cyan     Light fuchsia pink     Light goldenrod yellow    Light grayLight green      Light khaki     Light mauve     Light pastel purple     Light pink     Light salmon     Light salmon pink   Light sea green      Light sky blue     Light slate gray     Light taupe    Light Thulian pink    Light yellow     Lilac    Lime (color wheel)  Lime (web) (X11 green)     Lime green     Lincoln green     Linen    Liver     Lust

Macaroni and Cheese     Magenta    Magenta (dye)      Magenta (process)     Magic mint     Magnolia     Mahogany     MaizeMajorelle Blue         Malachite     Manatee     Mango Tango     Maroon (HTML/CSS)      Maroon (X11)     Mauve     Mauve taupe    Mauvelous     Maya blue    Meat brown     Medium aquamarine      Medium blue     Medium candy apple red     Medium carmine    Medium champagne      Medium electric blue     Medium jungle green     Medium lavender magenta      Medium orchid    Medium Persian blue     Medium purple      Medium red-violet     Medium sea green     Medium slate blue     Medium spring bud     Medium spring green      Medium taupe      Medium teal blue      Medium turquoise     Medium violet-red      Melon     Midnight blue     Midnight green (eagle green)      Mikado yellow     Mint      Mint cream    Mint green     Misty rose     Moccasin      Mode beige Moonstone blue      Mordant red     Moss green      Mountain Meadow        Mountbatten pink     Mulberry     Mustard    Myrtle    MSU Green
Nadeshiko pink      Napier green     Naples yellow     Navajo white      Navy blue     Neon Carrot    Neon fuchsia     Neon green     Non-photo blue
Ocean Boat Blue     Ochre     Office green     Old gold     Old lace     Old lavender     Old mauve     Old rose     OliveOlive Drab (web)         Olivine     Onyx     Opera mauve     Orange (color wheel)    Orange (RYB)    Orange (web color)      Orange peel     Orange-red     Orchid     Otter brown     Outer Space     Outrageous Orange    Oxford Blue   OU Crimson Red
Pakistan green      Palatinate blue     Palatinate purple     Pale aqua     Pale blue     Pale brown     Pale carmine     Pale cerulean     Pale chestnut     Pale copper     Pale cornflower blue     Pale gold     Pale goldenrod    Pale green    Pale magenta    Pale pinkPale plum    Pale red-violet    Pale robin egg blue     Pale silver    Pale spring bud     Pale taupe    Pale violet-red    Pansy purple   Papaya whip     Paris Green   Pastel blue    Pastel brown    Pastel gray     Pastel green    Pastel magenta    Pastel orange    Pastel pinkPastel purple     Pastel red      Pastel   violet     Pastel yellow     Patriarch    Payne's grey     Peach    Peach-orange     Peach puff   Peach-yellow     Pear     Pearl     Pearl Aqua     Peridot     Periwinkle    Persian blue     Persian green     Persian indigo     Persian orange   Persian pink    Persian plum    Persian red     Persian rose    Persimmon     Phlox    Phthalo blue     Phthalo green     Piggy pinkPine green     Pink     Pink-orange    Pink pearl     Pink   Sherbet    Pistachio     Platinum     Plum (traditional)     Plum (web)     Portland Orange     Powder blue (web)    Princeton orange    
Prune     Prussian blue     Psychedelic purple     Puce    Pumpkin     Purple    TML/CSS)      Purple (Munsell)     Purple Heart    Purple mountain majesty   Purple pizzazz     Purple taupe
Radical Red      Raspberry     Raspberry glace     Raspberry pink     Raspberry rose     Raw umber     Razzle dazzle rose    Razzmatazz      Red (Munsell)      Red (NCS)     Red (pigment)      Red (RYB)      Red-brown      Red-violet      Redwood     Regalia    Rich black   Rich  brilliant lavender     Rich carmine     Rich electric blue    Rich lavender     Rich lilac     Rich maroon     Rifle green    Robin egg blue    Rose   Rose bonbon     Rose ebony    Rose gold    Rose madder     Rose pink      Rose quartz     Rose taupe     Rose vale     Rosewood    Rosso corsa   Rosy brown     Royal azure     Royal blue (traditional)     Royal blue (web)     Royal fuchsia    Royal purple   RubyRuddy     Ruddy brown    Ruddy pink     Rufous     Russet     Rust
Sacramento State green      Saddle brown      Safety orange (blaze orange)      Saffron      St. Patrick's blue      Salmon       Salmon pink    Sand       Sand dune      Sandstorm      Sandy brown      Sandy taupe      Sangria      Sap green      Sapphire      Satin sheen gold      Scarlet  School bus yellow      Screamin' Green      Sea green      Seal brown      Seashell      Selective yellow      Sepia      Shadow     Shamrock green     Shocking pink     Sienna      Silver      Sinopia     Skobeloff      Sky blue      Sky magenta     Slate blue     Slate gray     Smalt (Dark powder blue)      Smokey topaz     Smokey black     Snow    Spiro Disco Ball     Splashed white     Spring bud     Spring green    Steel blueStil de grain yellow    Stizza      Straw     Sunglow    Sunset
Tan    Tangelo     Tangerine    Tangerine yellow    Taupe     Taupe gray     Tea green     Tea rose (orange)      Tea rose (rose)     Teal   Teal blue      Teal green     Tenné (Tawny)     Terra cotta      Thistle      Thulian pink      Tickle Me Pink      Tiffany Blue      Tiger's eye  Timberwolf     Titanium yellow      Tomato     Toolbox    Tractor red     Trolley Grey     Tropical rain forest      True Blue    Tufts Blue    Tumbleweed     Turkish rose    Turquoise     Turquoise blue     Turquoise green     Tuscan red     Twilight lavender    Tyrian purple
UA blue    UA red     Ube     UCLA Blue     UCLA Gold     UFO Green     Ultramarine     Ultramarine blue     Ultra pink     Umber     United Nations blue      Unmellow Yellow      UP Forest green     UP Maroon     Upsdell red     Urobilin     USC Cardinal     USC Gold    Utah  Crimson   

Vanilla     Vegas gold     Venetian red     Verdigris     Vermilion     Veronica      Violet     Violet (color wheel)     Violet (RYB)   Violet(web)    Viridian     Vivid auburn    Vivid burgundy     Vivid cerise      Vivid tangerine     Vivid violet    Warm black   Wenge     Wheat     White    White smoke     Wild blue yonder     Wild Strawberry     Wild Watermelon      Wine    Wisteria
Yale Blue     Yellow     Yellow (Munsell)      Yellow (NCS)     Yellow (process)     Yellow (RYB)     Yellow-green
Zaffre     Zinnwaldite

Colour Shades:-

Shades of white:- 

Anti-flash white     Beige     Cosmic latte    Cream     Eggshell     Ghost white      Isabelline      Ivory    Magnolia     Old lace     Pearl     Seashell    Splashed white     Vanilla     White

Shades of pink:-

Amaranth     Amaranth pink     Brink pink     Carmine pink     Carnation pink     Cerise      Cerise pink     Cherry blossom pink     Coral pink    Dark pink    Deep carmine pink     Deep pink    Fandango     French rose     Fuchsia     Fuchsia pink    Hollywood cerise     Hot magenta    Hot pink    Lavender pink    Light pink     Light thulian pink     Magenta   Mountbatten pink     Nadeshiko pink     Persian pink    Persian rose    Pink    Puce    Rose    Rose pink    Ruby     Salmon pink    Shocking pink     Tea rose    Thulian pink    Ultra pink

Shades of red:-

Alizarin crimson     Amaranth     American Rose     Auburn    Burgundy     Burnt sienna     Candy apple red     Cardinal     Carmine     Carnelian       Cerise     Chestnut     Coquelicot     Coral red     Crimson       Dark pink      Falu red      Fire brick      Fire engine red      Flame     Fuchsia     Lava      Lust     Magenta      Maroon      Mauve     Mauve taupe      Orange-red     Persian red     PersimmonPink    Raspberry     Red    Red-violet    Redwood    Rose      Rose madder     Rosewood     Rosso corsa      Ruby     Rufous     Rust      Sangria    Scarlet    Sinopia      Terra cotta      Tuscan red      Upsdell red       Venetian red      Vermilion     Wine 
Shades of orange:-
Amber      Apricot    Atomic tangerine      Bittersweet     Brown     Burnt orange     Carrot orange     Champagne     Coral     Dark salmon  Deep carrot orange     ECE/SAE Amber     Flame     Gamboge      Gold     Gold (metallic)       International orange        Mahogany Orange    Orange (web)     Orange-red    Orange peel    Papaya whip     Peach     Peach-orange     Peach-yellow     Persian orange   Persimmon     Pink-orange    Portland Orange    Princeton orange      Pumpkin      Rust      Safety orange     Salmon   Sunset    Tangelo     Tangerine    Tea rose   Tenné    Tomato    Vermilion                                            Shades of Brown:-
Auburn     Beige     Bistre     Bole      Bronze      Brown     Buff       Burgundy      Burnt sienna       Burnt umber      Camel      Chamoisee      Chestnut       Chocolate       Citrine       Copper       Cordovan      Desert sand       Earth yellow    EcruFallow      Fawn     Fulvous      Isabelline       Khaki       Liver        Mahogany       Maroon      Ochre     Raw umber   Redwood      Rufous      Russet      Rust      Sandy brown      Seal brown     Sepia     Sienna      Sinopia      Tan     Taupe    Tawny     Umber      Wenge      Wheat                             

 Shades of Yellow:-

Amber      Apricot    Arylide yellow      Aureolin      Beige     Blond      Buff      Chartreuse yellow      Chrome yellow       CitrineCream      Dark goldenrod      Ecru      Flavescent      Flax     Fulvous      Gamboge      Gold      Gold (metallic)     GoldenrodGolden poppy      Golden     yellow     Green-yellow      Hansa yellow      Icterine     Isabelline     Jonquil    Khaki      Lemon     Lemon chiffon     Lime        Maize     Mikado yellow     Mustard       Naples yellow      Navajo white      Old gold     Olive     Papaya whip      Peach-yellow       Pear      Saffron      School bus yellow      Selective yellow      Stil de grain yellow      Sunglow      Tangerine yellow        Titanium yellow       Urobilin      Vanilla      Vegas gold       Yellow          

Shades of Gray:-

Gray    Arsenic     Ash gray     Battleship gray     Bistre     Black     Cadet gray     Charcoal     Cinereous     Cool gray    Davy's gray    Feldgrau      Glaucous      Isabelline     Liver      Payne's gray     Platinum      Seal brown     Silver      Slate gray    Taupe     Purple taupe    Medium taupe     Taupe gray      Pale taupe      Rose quartz    White    Xanadu  

Shades  of Green:-

Army green       Asparagus      Bright green      British racing green     Cal Poly Pomona green     Camouflage green      Celadon     Chartreuse       Clover      Dartmouth green      Electric green      Emerald     Fern green     Forest green       Gray-asparagus    Green     Green-yellow     Harlequin     Honeydew      Hooker's green     Hunter green      India green      Islamic green      Jade     Jungle green     Kelly green      Lime      Lime green      Midnight green     Mint cream      Moss green     MSU Green     Myrtle     Neon green      Office green      Olive     Olive drab     Pakistan green     Paris Green      Pear     Persian green     Phthalo green    Pigment green   Pine green     Rifle green       Sacramento State green     Sap green      Sea green       Shamrock green     Spring bud     Spring green      Tea green     Teal      UP Forest green     Viridian     Yellow-green 

Shades of Cyan:-

Alice blue      Aqua      Aquamarine      Baby blue     Bondi blue      Cerulean     Cyan       Electric blue      Midnight green   Pine green  Robin egg blue    Teal     Turquoise     Verdigris    Viridian                                                                                             

Shades of Blue:-

Air Force blue    Alice blue    Azure     Baby blue     Bleu de France     Blue     Bondi blue     Brandeis blue      Cambridge Blue     Carolina blue      Ceil      Cerulean       Cobalt blue       Columbia blue      Cornflower blue      Cyan       Dark blue      Deep sky blue     Denim      Dodger blue      Duke blue      Egyptian blue      Electric blue      Eton blue      Federal Blue      Glaucous     Han blue    Iceberg     Indigo       International Klein Blue      Iris     Light blue      Majorelle Blue       Maya blue      Midnight blue    Navy blue     Non-photo blue    Palatinate blue      Periwinkle      Persian blue      Phthalo blue     Powder blue       Prussian blue      Royal blue     Sapphire       Sky blue     Steel blue      Teal     Tiffany Blue     True Blue    Tufts Blue     Turquoise     UCLA Blue    Ultramarine     Yale Blue                                     

5. Furniture related

Picnic type table    camp stool    sofa      sideboard    cheval mirror    walk-in cupboard     cot     drawer     desk    table     chair     safe     cupboard     ball safe    chifforobes    one armed desk    wing chair    luxury carved sofa sets    divan    settee    ethnic furniture    feng-shui chimes    laughing Buddha    designer dining table    leather recliner    Persian carpet    wall-to-wall carpets    designer mirror    Burma teakwood furniture    oak wood furniture     composite leather furniture    rubber wood furniture    centre tables    sliding wardrobes    TV trolley    massage chair    rocking chair    marble dining table     armoire     memory foam pillow        Davenport    distressed wood     ottoman      escritoire         

6. General      

Piddle – spend time wastefully doing inconsequential things. 2) children pissing (informal)
Prang    Stonker – hit hard, fully defeat, confuse
Gobsmacked,    Flecherise – masticate, munch thoroughly
Quaff,    Saltation –jump. Jump and fall(ing)
Schmooze – chatter, haratay hodi
Irenic – aiming at peace
Eximious,     Zonked – stupefied (from alcohol, drugs etc), 2) exhausted or asleep
Hyaline –glass-like, smooth, lustrous
Crick – sharp spasm of pain
Pizzazz,     Scienter- wittingly     Sapid     Kilter (“off kilter”)     Pipperoo/pizzaz      Kerfuffle     Milquetoast,      Lollapalooza      Titchy – very small quantity     Gemütlick – full of feeling      Bijou     hoity-toity      scallywag     gobstopper     slather   Caitiff     subsume      moonlighting     kicker     nebbish    bint     skint    schtum   Syncretic      catholic     japery   lulu     oodles    mingy      Googlescient (More than your, omniscient, you gotta agree!)  Kith – friend     Bellwether      Aposiopesis – sudden breaking of speech       Hollux- big toe     Cockalorum       Dead ringer      Zit –pimple, skin blemish      Gadabout     Hickey      Trencherman- hearty eater     Kvetch – a chronic complainer     Grinch      Argie-bargie/argle-bargle
gadzooks   acarpus   annectant     aberglaube   ambs-ace    APB( all point bulletin)   antsy   adventitious
A-frame house       Beadledom          brown noser     bupkes(absolutely nothing, useless)     Bento box    bezel      beetle brows    Bobbsey twins     bespoke    bunga bunga    in the ballpark     bushwhack   barn burner      bunny boiler      brio    bodacious(slang)     bijou     
Calx    canorous    canthus     catachresis(!)    Cupid’s bow      consuetude    cognate      clou      claque   cabana    chatoyance      crabby     collywobble(slang)     comb-over      chivvy     contretemps    cruet      Chyron      contrail        crick   
dam(! – mother, usu. of beasts; ref – the devil and his dam – the powers of evil)    delate   de fide      descry      deracinate     distaff      dressage(training of horse)     de profundis     dux    Dulcinia     dweeb(a boringly conventional person)    dingbat     dollop     dextrocardia (having the heart on the right side)      duff    dudgeon   dimsum      deadhead    ditsy    dorky(slang)     dag    diddly    demotic     dagnab!!    dogleg     dibs     divot    
earwig    elenctic    ens (plural – entia)      emersion     epiphany     evirate        exiguous    eximious     excoriate      emptor (buyer; caveat emptor – buyer beware)     embonpoint (plumpness of a person; ref – zaftig)     
 February fair maids (snow drops!)        faclitious       fell (animal’s skin, hide with hairs; fell of hair = unkempt hair of head)         fatidical        farrow      fanfaronade    flews     foramen     fug    frag     flounce     French kiss      feral      fluff      flub     flim-flam     fracking    fingertrap    firewall (earth spread around an area to contain spreading of fire)  
Ganymede(jocular – waiter or bearer)      gloriole    gallimaufry     genual(of the knee; ref – genuflect)     geminate    geist     glabrous      gibbous    gleet    glebe     gloss(! Check up the other meaning)     gloaming     grume    gertrude    glory hole    grinch     golliwog     glacis    gadabout    gobsmacked    gravitas

hagiography    hubile(do not confuse with, nubile)    hebetude      harpy    hoary    hoyden     hydromal     hyaline    hubris     hyperbation   haver     hummer      hypernesia( opp. of  amnesia, improved memory)      hickey    hunker     hard shoulder     humongous (extremely large, number etc)     haploid     hank      hushpuppies   
incurse      incohate        indurate      immure     illation      ingeminate      indefeasible     inexpugnable       irruption       inveigh      joker (a clause unobtrusively introduced in a bill or document affecting its operation in a way that is not immediately apparent.)      juvenelia    jackaroo (Australia)      junket     jugulate     jake leg (!)     jactitate  
Kentish fire     keif      knout      kibitzel       knick knackers      kosher     knackered       kilter      kooky      kitsch  
lallation    lãches        levee     lavigate     lentitude      littoral        logan (poised heavy stone rocking at a touch)      logion      laystall       lute       Lovelace     lazaretto     lanai     loofa     lido    lemon (colloq.)       labile     luddite (!)      lollapalooza   
meme     matutinal      marcessant      manque      mephitic      melliferous      mignon   meretricious     minion      minatory     mondial      miserere     moxie    motor mouth     mensch      morganatic     misprize      mo (soup strainer!, flavour saver, lost caterpillar, cookie duster, mocha stain)     macerate    mojo      mothball(verb)       mansuetude       moonlighting        matryoska doll (Russian doll) 
novena      nonce      noetic (not inspired from Dan Brown’s novel, The Lost Symbol)     nodus      nitid      nympholept (check it out!)       nugatory     nutate      nevus    nifty   nowcasting 
olid    offal      obturate      opsimath (late bloomer)      oppugn     obtund     ounce(snow leopard!)     operose      oojamflip   
peculate     poll (cut evenly....see Bible!, 2nd book of Kings)      petroleur    pertinaceous (note, it is not, ‘pertinent’)    perpense      precician    plica, plicate(adj)     photism      purvey   punctum       plonker     primp      pillock       prat    ponce      perquisition      plunk     pigeon-toed      poop ( see many meanings)       pangram (ref – “The quick brown fox.....”)   
quotidian     quisling     quaquaversal     quadriplegic     quiff    quaff    quire
refection     redact      rathe      rap (an atom, least bit)      relict     rubric     Rhadmanthus     rosulate      rue-raddy     roman-á-clef     rut (animal in rut)    revenant     riviere    riant      rapelling     redneck     rube    recuse     realia      ruff     randy     rack (run at a fast trot)    ruction     redux     requital     runoff   rhotacize
sapid     saltus      sectile     sciolist      sybilline    sematic     seiche   soigne      slub     simpliciter     siffleur      spado      stiva      specie    strappado      sullage    scuzz    scaramouche     stole(noun)        shill     snoggle     scarper     SIDS (suddn infant death syndrome, also called crib death)   smidgeon     scalper     switch-hitter     snaggle tooth    scrimp     swag     scrum     spider angioma     shellacking     strepitant/strepitous       skinflint   smarmy     sacropenia      snake oil     solipsism (solecism is different)     scat      stonker    schmooze  sigil      sugar daddy (ref, gold digger)       shivaree      sprog    sweet bread      snitch      side stitch        shimmy     snookered     squish     slam dunk     squeaky clean    subfuse      spodium  subsume snake eyes sidewinder
theroid     tern      thrum       thews     tibadism      trope     tringle      triage    tyke(!)     tergiversation     tod (Brit)    tyke    toboggan      twee (UK)     toking      troll       tattletale     taser       toper      tacky     toff     titchy     twofer     togs  
urticate ustulation uncia ubiety
viminal     villeggiatura      vicennial      versant       ventricose      vulpine     votive      variorum          variole
wrick      wainscot     wimple     wimp     wisenheimer    west (go west)     whammy    wishbone       waffle      wazoo(slang)      white marriage
yashmak     yada yada      yawara     yurt     yip
zoar     zaftig      zit     zetetic    zarf      zipcuff       zonked      skag                                                
la-di-da        yob     
ole, ole...  (words, shouts of encouragement)      diamante       ritz     collywobbles     malarkey       skint     parkour    schmooze
jeremiad   ballyhoo
sawbones            gormless
feckless        fender bender      umami     naff     flagship   cut off point    brain burp     nifty    bupkes
kibble      bodacious
gurning      hunker   froufrou
Sloane ranger
loose cannon,  cardboard city,  romper suit,   scuttlebutt
red top,   sarnie,     beak! (slang for a judge!)      pajero (it is Pampas cat, not the car)    decoupage     bear pit      belly-flop
troll      android       radiation insult        drop the ball     whiplash     shedload      toerag
weather eye        ice cream headache
spring chicken         saddo  
duang gimcrack   hissy fit       clou    low down
shrinking violet           take a pew  
tull    stove (! slang has a different meaning!)     scrunch  
crabby         dumbwaiter(surprise!)    paroxysm
discombobulate     hornswoggle (to trick, hoax)      foofaraw      bumptious    preemies
conflate          lickety split            arriviste          bobby dazzler          mondegreen
do a runner        lay into         white horses`
truckle (as verb)         bonk buster     gratulation (ref, congratulation!)      hypermnesia       ictal
foudroyant    first-foot     ageist      yucky         ludic       revenant
wonk     splendiferous   flavescent        eristic        afflatus       haimish   
understory     compunction    testudinal       ensorcell      delectation   amphiboly       druthers     mavourneen
apotheosis         nudnik        opuscule       infradig         galimatias    bathos     obdurate        stemwinder  
syncretism        ripsnorter      incipient       duende     frowzy

epiphonema - a sentence that is an exclamation, a general or striking comment, or a succinct summary of what has previously been said.
JOMO (acronym)  joy of missing out        crib sheet (a piece of paper that contains notes or information to help someone remember something, especially one used for cheating during an examination    scaturient             jactation (boasting, bragging)          bastion (anything seen as preserving or protecting some quality, condition etc)
lulu - any remarkable or outstanding person or thing etc
orgulous - haughty, proud            caducity -- frailty, transitoriness
remora - an obstacle, hindrance, obstruction
svengali -  A person who dominates another, usually with a selfish or sinister motive
fulgurant - flashing, like lightning
degringolade - a quick deterioration or breakdown, as of a situation or circumstance.
vinculum - a bond signifying union or unity; a tie
wonderwall - someone you are thinking of all the time, a person with whom you are infatuated
donnybrook -an inordinately wild fight or contentious dispute; brawl; free-for-all
dvandva (sans origin) - word-pair, pair of two categories, items etc
peacherino - a thing or person, especially attractive, liked or enjoyed
wiredraw (verb) - to strain unwarrantably, as in meaning.
elide - suppress, omit, ignore, pass over
marmoreal -- cold and aloof; reminiscent of a marble statue
clamant - (note, it is not clement) -- pressing, urgent,  compelling
prevenance - special care in catering to and anticipating the needs of others
orphic - mysterious and entrancing; beyond ordinary understanding
solipsism - extreme preoccupation with and indulgence of one's feelings, desires, etc.; egoistic self-absorption.
Bangalored - Lose job as a result of being outsourced esp to companies like in Bangalore
salutary - promoting or conducive to some beneficial purpose; wholesome
chutzpa - nerve, audacity
helicopter parentinga style of child rearing in which an overprotective mother or father discourages a child's independence by being too involved in the child's life:In typical helicopter parenting, a mother or father swoops in at any sign of challenge or discomfort.
simony - making of profit out of sacred things
five-finger discount  - shoplifting
copacetic - fine, completely satisfactory, Ok
spoonerism - the transposition of initial or other sounds of a word, as in . 'I received a blushing crow'  for intending, 'I received a crushing blow.'
concinnate - to arrange or blend together skillfully, as  parts or elements; put together in a harmonious precisely appropriate or elegant manner
welter - a confused mass, a jumble or muddle; a welter of anxious faces.
Kvell - Slang.

to be extraordinarily pleased; especially, to be bursting with pride, as over one's family.
rax - to stretch oneself, as after sleeping
euchred - (informal, adj, Aus) Utterly done in, or at the end of one's tether; exhausted.
trangam - an odd gadget; gewgaw; trinket
gree (chiefly Scottish) - prize for victory
moil - to work hard; drudge
stownlins; (scottish) - secretly, stealthily
muzz- (verb, used with an object) To confuse; make (someone) muzzy
schlep - (verb, transitive) - to carry, lug; to schlep an umbrella on a sunny day.
sciolism - superficial knowledge
grok - understand something intuitively, profoundly, by empathy.
chyron - a text-based graphic overlay displayed at the bottom of a television screen or film frame, as closed captioning or the crawl of a newscast.
quidnunc - A person eager to know the latest news and gossip, a busybody,  a gossip,
ylem - The hypothetical initial substance of the universe, from which all matter is derived.
Jedia person who has an unexplainable power over people or things, or who seems to enjoy unusual luck and positive outcomes, as if able to exert the power of the Force to mystically influence the universe: The defense lawyer was a jedi—two minutes into his closing argument the jury forgot all of the incriminating evidence that had been presented.
chariness - scrupulous integrity. 
jawboneto attempt to influence or pressure by persuasion rather than by the exertion of force or one's authority, as in urging voluntary compliance with economic guidelines.
dilly - someone or something regarded as remarkable, unusual etc (ex. a dilly of a movie)
bight - a bend or curve in the shore of a sea or river.
lulu someone or something that is remarkable; now, specif., someone or something that is remarkably complex, difficult, frustrating, etc.
adamantine - unyielding, or firm in one's opinion , attitude etc
singularitya hypothesized future era or event when exponential improvements in computer intelligence and advances in technology will result in an acute change in human society and evolution.
hortatoryurging to some course of conduct or action; exhorting; encouraging: a hortatory speech.
Promethean - creative, boldly original
spang (informal) -  directly, exactly
zhuzh - (verb, usually followed by , up) -- to make (something) more colorful or appealing or stylish as by a small change or addition 
Finagle - verb (used with object)
to get or achieve (something) by guile, trickery, or manipulation: to finagle an assignment to the Membership Committee
whillikers interjection


(used as an intensive after gee or golly gee to express astonishment, delight, etc.).
metanoia - A fundamental change in one's convictions, repentance, spiritual awakening etc.
eldritch - eerie, weird, spooky
lagom - the principle of living a moderate-paced, balanced, low-fuss life.
tirrivee - (scottish, noun) - A tantrum
plotz - (verb) To collapse or faint as from surprise, excitement or exhaustion.

handsela gift or token for good luck or as an expression of good wishes, as at the beginning of the new year or when entering upon a new situation or enterprise.
shibboleth -  a common saying or belief with little current meaning or truth.
alembic - (noun) Anything that transforms, purifies or refines.
pharaonic - impressively large, overwhelming, luxurious etc
cromulent - acceptable or legitimate.
abecedarian -  arranged in alphabetical order
nudnik - a persistently dull, boring pest.
scads - a large quantity or number.
banausic - serving utilitarian purposes only; mechanical; practical
gormless - lacking in vitality or intelligence; dull, stupid or clumsy.
verklempt - overly emotional and unable to speak.
saudade - a deep emotional state of melancholic longing for a person or thing that is absent.
skerrick - a small piece or quantity; a bit.
nostrum - a pet scheme or remedy, especially for political or social ills.; panacea
busk - to entertain by juggling, dancing, singing etc in a street or in a public place.
yakka - work, especially hard work.
frowzy - dirty and untidy; slovenly
sardoniccharacterized by bitter or scornful derision; mocking; sneering; cynical.
kowtow- to act in a manner showing excessive difference, or eagerness to please
hokum - utter nonsense, bunkum
L + ratio - indicates bad negative reaction for a post (or something) in social media
mano a mano - direct confrontation, head-on conflict
xenial - warm, welcoming, hospitable
facepalm - (verb, noun) to cover one's face with palm/s to express embarrassment, disgust , disapproval etc
selcouth  - strange, uncommon
pishogue - charm, evil spell
mansuetude - gentleness, mildness




7.Animals, their sounds
dog – bark, howl, yelp, w ail, snarl, bay. growl, woof, arf
cat – mew, caterwaul        hen – cluck        elephant – trumpet        bear – grunt     hyena – laugh        horse – whinny, neigh        gorilla – grunt      bittern – boom       owl – hoot, screech, wail         vulture/eagle – scream      bird – twitter, hum, chirp, sing, chatter        geese – cackle, honk, hiss       rhino – snort      duck – quack, squawk       ape – gibber      deer – bell      blackbirds – whistle       cow – low, moo        cuckoo – cuckoo     doves – coo, moan      falcon – chant      giraffe – bleat, grunt       guinea pig – whistle, squeak      magpies – chatter    mice- squeak, squeal       nightingales – pipe, warble, jug-jug     penguin – babble, bleat       raven – croak      stags – bellow, call      swan – crey, hiss, grunt    turkeys – gobble    wolves - howl               

Phrases and idioms

ex cathedra - from the seat of authority, with authority 
Baker’s dozen     Waste of space      Bad hair day     Cat’s paw    (Chinese) finger trap     Penny dreadful  
easy peasy lemon squeezy      stone the crows     full Monty    eye  teeth    Straight arrow     horses for courses    slap and tickle     utterly butterly     jiggery pockery    Salad days       cut one’s eyeteeth    give one’s eyeteeth    donkey’s years       Balls to the wall   Bronx cheer(booing, jeering)     Suck a lemon      Kodak courage     Bunny boiler     Micro sleep     Gild the lily      Idaho stop      Donkey’s years      Give one’s eyeteeth (also, to cut one’s eyeteeth gain a first experience)   VB6      Squeaky clean    Packed to the gunnels    hit the ground running      Balls to walls       Cherry picking      dressed to the nines
Cherry picking      dressed to the nines    eye candy     arm candy   Goldilocks effect      Hong-in-China   hair of dog      Ixion’s wheel        Joe Miller (stale joke)      Job’s comforter      John Q Public     Kodak courage      magic bullet    male blindness      Mexican wave        Mexican stand-off       pocket veto (!)      don’t care a rap     thread and thrum     apple-pie bed    backroom boys      a battle axe     best bib and tucker      dear old Blighty       a blue stocking    the best thing since bread was invented      a busman’s holiday     no room to swing a cat      to be taken to the cleaners     a load of cats wallop     as sure as egg is egg     Janus-faced      nest egg        as sick as a parrot      suck a lemon    in the pipeline      on the wagon    the bees knees     on the tiles     having kittens    that is all she wrote     you had me at hello     take the mikey     guild the lily      death by curry     easy peasy lemon squeezy     
the whole enchilada        full Monty      the whole nine yards     break room     glass ceiling        chalk and cheese        zero sum         nine-to-fiver       eternity ring   mouth breather    
put the foot foot on the pedal    butter fingers
hand over fist   bucket list    wage slave        canary in coal mines 
keen as mustard         X- factor       Gangnam style      bits and bobs       fender bender    hot as blazes
square bashing      speech bubble/balloon        slap and tickle         hole and corner     pick up the gauntlet      paddling    knock for six        spin doctor   
sling your hook        have (get) the wood on        bright as a button    go to town        make gorge rise 
close but no cigar           echo chamber           sui generis           goody two shoes     al desko (!!)         coup de foudre  
not on your Nelly - Certainly not               .........                      ..............

A few proverbs and sayings:-

There are none so blind as those who do not wish to see.
There are none so deaf as those who do not wish to hear.
You have got to be cruel to be kind.
Pull devil, pull baker.
Fling enough dirt, and some will stick
Feed a cold, starve a fever.
Fingers were made before forks.
God made the country and man made the town.
Cold hands, warm heart.
Even Homer sometimes nods.
The cowl does not make the monk.
A watched pot never boils.
Rculer pour mieux sauter. (Fr. If you recede a bit, it is easier to make a jump.)
More haste, less speed.
There is many a good tune played on an old fiddle.
A man is as old as he feels, and a woman as old as she looks.
Even a worm will turn.
Fools rush where angels fear to tread.    
A stitch in time saves nine.           Easy come, easy go.  One swallow does not make a summer.        A rolling stone gathers no moss.        Pride goeth before a fall.     It is an ill wind that blows nobody good.      Time and tide wait for none.       What do they know of England who only England know?      Rome was not built in a day.       All roads lead to Rome.     Dogs bark, caravan passes     

The longest journey starts with a single step
Better the Devil you know than the Devil you don't

Don't burn your bridges behind you

Collective nouns

There are a good many collective nouns. We give below a taste of a select few. Read on; the words are really interesting (and, some quite exotic).

A plump of wild fowl,      a skein of geese (in flight),       a sord of mallards....we will drop the indefinite article, a from here onwards...       rath of pintails,       cast of hawks,      nye of pheasants,         desert of lapwings,          congregation of plovers,        wisp of snipes,     parliament of owls (how is that!),       exaltation of larks,         siege of bitterns,           unkindness of ravens (!),           building of rooks,   
shrewdness of apes,  culture of bacteria,   cete of badgers,        dissimulation/flock/flight/congregation/volery of birds,     sounder of boars,         rabble of butterflies,       cry of hounds,        charm of hummingbirds,    clan of hyenas,      scold of jays,     deceit/desert of lapwings (!),       richness (!) of martens,    clowder/clutter/glaring/pounce/dout/nuisance/ of cats(!),    kendle/kindle/litter of kittens,     destruction of (wild) cats,    bed of clams/oysters,      quiver of cobras (!)       rag/rave of colts,    storytelling of crows/ravens/rooks (!),       parcel/bevy/leash of deer,    muster/ostentation of peacocks,      nide/nye/boquet of pheasants,     chine of polecats,      passel of possums,     pod of dolphins,      cote/doole/piteousness(!) of doves,      brace/flock/flush/paddling/raft of ducks,       aerie/convocation of eagles,       herd/parade/memory of elephants, herd/stable/troop/team/harras of horses,     bury/down/drove/husk/lease/trace/trip/warren/nest(young)/wrack(young) of rabbits,      colony/horde/mischief(!)/pack/plague/swarm of rats,     rhumba of rattlesnakes,     generation/nest of vipers,     knot of toads,     corps/herd/tower of giraffes,      gam/pod/school of whales,       zed/herd of zebras                                                                   

words for shapes

Oblate – Spheroid      Ovine - Of, like sheep     Paonue - Of, like peacock      Patulous - Open, expanded      Pergamenous -Of, like parchment       Penannular - almost ring-like      Pelagian - Of, inhabiting open sea      Pluvial - of the rain       Psittacine - of, like a parrot       Quaquaversal - Pointing in all directions      Rosulate - Packed over each other like rose petals   Secund - Arranged on one side only, as flowers on a stem etc      Securiform - Shaped like axe      Setaceous - Having bristles      Suberose - Of, like cork      Struthious - Of, like an ostrich !!(You may wonder who on earth can use such a word. Well I came across it in that great guy, Nabokov's, novel ADA. I could not find the word in ordinary ,dictionaries way back then in 1970.)      Sigmoid - Curved like 'S' , inverted curve      Taliped - Club-footed    Tortile - Twisted, curved     Turbinate - Shaped like an inverted cone or top      Urceolate - Shaped like a pitcher(large body, small neck)                 
Latin, other  phrases
ad captundum vulgus
absit omen   au courant     a outrance( to the bitter end, until death)     brutum fulmen(empty threat, blank cartridge)        Ex plicit (here it ends)     in cipit (here it begins)       ex animo (from the heart, sincerely)

Ah, that is the word I was looking for!

From the Gusrdian Crosswords, Deccan Chronicle (selected words)

Many times it so happens that while writing, you get a description of an idea or thing in your mind, but the exact word eludes – a very frustrating experience common to many writers. I have collected some descriptive phrases and the relevant words from the Guardian crossword puzzles that appear in the Deccan Chronicle daily. I am sure this will be of much help:-
Quick but relevant – short and sweet                                                                                            Absolutely necessary – imperative                                                                                                        Make a mistake – fluff                                                                                                                        Scope for freedom - latitude                                                                                                                  Very friendly -  palsy walsy                                                                                                              complain bitterly against  - inveigh 
yobbo       umami          doorby          shirty 
clever clogs     brain box         airhead      go walkies!        gridlock          sizzle stick       geezer        nosh-up
methuselah          bright spark        dogs breakfast

Personal articles, belongings etc

Umbrellas (the, 'brolly') : Alexander McQueen skull handle,  Burberry Nuback ostrich handle,    Alviero Martini Geo classic,    Tess Van Ghert greyhound,   Alexandra Sojfer sauvage

Briefcases,         Suitcases,  Purses, 
Hand bags (The Channel Diamonds Forever tote bag,    The Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond purse    Hermes Orange Gulliver Leather Quelle Idole    Hermes Shiny Fuchsia Porosus Crocodile Diamond Birkin
Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork bag    Judith Leiber Precious Rose bag)

PS. Will be updating the list regularly.


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