Sunday, November 18, 2018

Jestus on Rampage

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Useful sites

I will be posting from now on a few links to other websites that may of use/interest to the dear visitors of this page.

ASR (Active Search Results)
The site below will be of use if you are interested in posting your web-page links.

Dictionaries, reference etc
for grammar, proofreading etc ...good one  all about verbs. good site   can submit your website here

For authors, writers   (plenty of languages and links)
FOR answers to your questions; many topics covered
(You get answers to all sorts of questions on all sorts of topics here)

FOR, Life, living, health etc
(contains lots of practical advice on living)
(plenty of useful info on health tips here)

For books,  etc
book shop
A good site for people who like to read:-

Technical matters, gadgets, science etc
Start chatting with a computer here!
(This is a beautiful site. You get everything about maths science and computers here. Very stimulating, if you are GEEK-ORIENTED!)
(this is a very good site; lots of links and info)
(elaborate information on all matters pertaining to science)
(very good articles; up-to-date info)
(this particular page gives an edited video of the first moon-landing)
just  is also a goodsite
(good info on computers gadgets and realated topics)
(a very good site with lots of informative articles on science, technology, lifestyle etc)

Interesting facts, lists , general  (needs no intro. Everybody knows)      (lot of videos, films etc)  (much useful)
Sports   .....lots of software etc  ...lot of lists
 (all kinds of lists of ten here)

Everybody knows all about the famous social sites . Yet I give below a few most-known sites

The link below from the listly website gives plenty of more sites on the above subject